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A small but interesting walk starting at Lenno to the “Sacro Monte of Ossuccio,” along the sacred walkway lined with 14 shrines with natural size statues, to the “Santuario della Beata Vergine del Soccorso”.

The Sacro Monte has been registered since 2003 on the list of the Humanity World Heritage.

Itinerary: Lenno - Santuario della Beata Vergine del Soccorso - Ossuccio - Campo - Lenno

Time required: 1.30

Ascent: 200 m

Difficulty: Easy

Dolcelago soccorso

From Lenno Dolcelago turn left on via Diaz, and after 50m, at the church of the Santissima Trinità,  turn left again

After about 20 m at the intersection, ignore via Rima, and turn right into Via Don Cadenazzi.

Ascend the steps in order to reach Viale Libronico, which you follow to the left.

Ignore the turn off for the “Abbazia dell’Acquafredda,” the abbey standing slightly uphill on the right, founded in 1153.

At the next intersection turn right. The road leads on to a cobblestone path which you follow to the right (on the left is the antique settlement of Molgisio).

At the next intersection continue left ignoring the Via ai Monti.

You soon arrive at the first shrine.

Popular devotion led to the construction of a one kilometer long cobble stone walkway lined with 14 shrines leading to the Sanctuary.

The shrines depict the scenes of the Madonna’s and Christ’s life and are represented by frescos and natural size statues made of stucco and terracotta.

soccorso holiday home

They were created between 1635 and 1714 by various artists of Como and the Ticino area.

You ascend the Via Crucis, with stops at the shrines to admire the statues, on to the Sanctuary.

According to devotional tales, the sanctuary was built because of the discovery of a marble statue of the Virgin Mary and Christ Child in a cave by a deaf mute shepherd girl.


During the 15th century a small shrine was built to protect the statue that was believed to be miraculous. The small shrine was first enlarged and then transformed into a church. The central part was completed in 1537.

The Sacro Monte has been registered since 2003 on the list of the Humanity World Heritage.


After your visit to the church, turn back along the cobble path as far as the IV shrine. From the little square, in front of the bar Riposo, keep to the left and pick up the street leading along the Locanda Garzola.

Follow it downhill for about 800 m till you arrive at the church St. Eufemia and Vincenzo. This building was built when the same named church that stood on the Island Comacina was destroyed in 1169 during the war between Como and the Island.

Turn left and walk below the bell tower of the church in order to reach the main road close to the post office.

Cross the main road and continue left and after 20 m you pick up a little lane that passes in front of a beautiful villa called Villa Balbiano with a splendid park with fountains.


Then cross the Perlana stream over a small foot bridge and along “La Via Regina,” enter the historic centre of Campo. You reach the doorway of Villa Monastero, so called because it was built on the foundations of an antique monastery of the XI

century. Turn left and go up the steps. You cross the main road over an old pedestrian bridge and follow the “Vecchia Strada Regina” for about 300 m till you reach the main road, which you cross in order to pick up its continuation.

At an intersection where there is a fountain, turn right into Vicolo Delmati. It leads past a watch tower on the left, probably erected as a tax control post. Soon you reach the lakeside promenade around the beautiful “Golfo di Venere.”

Follow it to the left and you soon reach the square of Lenno.

Cross the main road (there is an underpass), head north, and just past the post office (close to the bus stop) pick up the alley to the left in Via al Soccorso.

After 300 m you pass a building with the writing “La Cooperativa” on the right.

Turn left and you are back to Lenno Dolcelago.


Thanks to www.lakecomo.it